Can you please provide an overview of the trademark application process?

After you’ve found a brand that has a good chance of getting registered as a trademark it is time for digip to file your trademark application. Your trademark application is filed to a trademark office also called IP Office (Intellectual Property Office).

  • 1.       Once your application arrives at the IP Office trademark lawyers employed by the office will review your application to ensure that it meets all formal requirements.
  • 2.        The office will also carry out a check to assess that your trademark is not descriptive for the products and services that you are applying for protection.
  • 3.       After the check by the IP office, your application is submitted for opposition. During this phase already registered trademark owner can object to your trademark application.
  • 4.       Success! Your trademark is registered. Your trademark registration is valid for 10 years. When the 10 years are up you can renew your trademark application.

The digip platform will guide step by step through this process. Our customers have over 95% success rate on their trademark applications.

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